German Lesson Miami

German Lessons conversation and translations

German Lessons Miami offers private German classes and courses.

Are you interested in the German language? German Lessons are comprised of conversation and non-pressure talk. Grammar is touched with emphasis on every-day German skills. I like to teach on a one-on-one basis or via Skype.

Book a German lesson with me to expand your horizon. German Lesson Miami offers one-on-one, group classes, and online lessons via Skype.

Coffee and conversation in German

Spend time to speak freely. You pick a topic and we'll chat away in German.

Coffee and conversation are my favorite as I feel you will learn in a fun and engaging way. Miami is such a rich diverse melting pot. We will have plenty to talk about, for example two worlds apart, the differences between Miami and Switzerland or Germany, and much more.

German Translation And services

Have your documents translated into German. Whether you need proper text for a website, marketing material, business document or other important communication, I can help you. The same applies for German documents translated into English. I can also be hired when considering a strategic business move into the German or Swiss territory. I'm very familiar with local customs and expectations.

I can also act as your translator, especially when considering the Swiss language (Swiss German). Simply give me a call or fill out the contact form.